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1. Must have an account in our website.
2. Before submitting an article know the topics and types of articles having posted in our website.
3. The email address from which you would like to send the articles would be same with the email u registered
4. Try to avoid duplication.


1.  If you are new to us then register at with email address and mobile no.
2. Choose your topics from our topic section below.
3. Write your own articles on microsoft word/notepad/others platform.
4. Send it via email as an attachment file to our email address –
5. Also attach pictures related to your topics if possible.
6. Write your name, qualification, college and mobile no in the mail.
7. You are successfully done! Your articles will be reviewed and published within 24 hrs. 


1. Please read our current topics before writing articles. CLICK HERE TO SEE.