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In the recent past, a large number of neuroscience studies have revealed that “happiness” is the default state of the brain. That means happiness is a natural state of our being just like to radiate light is the natural state of sun, to rain is the natural state of clouds, to grow and bring fruits and flowers is the natural state of trees.

In a newborn’s brain, two hemispheres are in sync and work as one entity; firing neurotransmitters and electrical activity in rhythm to manifest a constant state of happiness, joy and an overflowing of energy. This is one of the reasons little children are always overloaded with extra stamina and energy.

Unfortunately, as we grow up, many limiting programs are forced in our mind from society and family. For example, in comparison with siblings/peers, pressure to be a good child and sometimes to meet irrelevant expectations of parents, threat upon committing a mistake, conditional gifts, and rewards, etc. “Be good and we will buy you a bicycle, otherwise not.”

Over the years of this unexpected scarcity and pain, a child absorbs myriad unnatural and unhealthy patterns in one’s unconscious mind. Eventually, she/he ends up living in a state of deep fear, anxiety, and lack of self-love.

Our brain which was once unified organism in early childhood, it is now divided into many fear-based personalities in our unconscious mind.

To regain control and balance in your life, it’s tremendously necessary to free yourself from traumatic experiences and memories of the past which serve you no more. A person who has freed himself/herself from the grip of fear-based obsessive and emotional unconscious drive is able to make decisions based on their heart, truth and need of the moment. She/he is no more a slave of the biochemical rush.

Whole Brain & Heart-Focused (WBHF) is the healing and meditation technique to heal your deeply negative thoughts and feelings. It is backed by latest neuroscience as well ancient Buddhism, Hinduism, and Chinese traditions.

Learning and practicing this meditation, most participants experience a breakthrough quickly. They are reported to have experienced a deep silence and bliss never felt before.


Sit or lie down. Close your eyes. Relax your body. Take some slow and deep breathing from belly. Now cross your ankles and wrists. Left ankle over right and left wrist over right as shown in left side of picture below. Crossing ankles and wrists create a bridge between left and right electric circuits of body. In other words, it integrates both hemispheres of brain for faster change as seen in qEEG.

Once you are settled in this posture, now find out any negative or uneasy emotions/feelings/thoughts that you are going through right now. It may be any problem that you encountered in the morning or some work stress or fear of illness, anger or disappointment in a relationship(s), low self-esteem or loneliness, or fear of future, concern about children, or concern and fear about money.

Once you recollect any one or more uneasy experiences, be aware that it is there in your mind and body. Be aware of the thoughts, feelings, sensations, images, and voices attached to the problem. For example, if you are holding a fear of losing money or a job, think about this situation. How do you feel about it? Do you notice anxiety somewhere in the body? It could be in the face or hands, or chest or legs or it could be possibly scattered in the whole body.

What images do you see? What voices do you hear? What you are saying to yourself or what others are saying to you? What loss or sabotage have you experienced or still experiencing? This is how mind functions, it creates a movie inside your head with a series of images, voices, feelings, and actions. In Whole Brain state, stay aware of this phenomenon going on within you, whatsoever.

Our normal approach is to escape from it using various means like turning to music, going shopping, watching TV, driving, sex, alcohol, smoking, chatting on WhatsApp/Facebook unnecessarily. These are few of the mind’s tricks to run away from pain.

In this meditation technique, don’t run away from it. It is there, let it be so. Let the pain and stress stay while you are in Whole Brain State. Be one with the discomfort. Allow it. Welcome to it. Serve it. Surrender to it. Amplify it to its pinnacle. Resist not.

Watching and feeling it with zero resistance and a zero need to escape from it, it is bound to calm down on its own in few minutes. This is the nature of things. In the words of Carl G. Jung, “What you resist, it persists. What you look at, it disappears.” You will observe that the intensity of pain or discomfort has gone down or maybe it has completely disappeared.

Once you are more or less calm, bring your whole focus on the heart area or feel the heartbeat/pulsation for 5-10 minutes.

When you are ready, you can open your eyes and uncross your legs and wrists putting together your fingers touching tips of each other for 10 seconds (as shown in right side of above picture). Breathe deeply for the next one minute.

“Wound is the place where light enters” – Rumi


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