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The Doctors and Patients are All Human Beings

‘Hey you intern, go and call the police !’ there is a chance of relatives becoming violent’, screamed one of our professors and me ‘the intern’ ran out of the ICU following his order. The daily ICU morning round was going on & suddenly an unconscious patient was brought by the servant accompanied by a number of relatives. Immediately the patient was attended by residents & informed the professor. The patient was intubated within a minute & all the necessary procedures were done. The mob of relatives was told to clear the ICU but without knowing the seriousness of the place they started to scream & became furious over the doctors present there. The police arrived at once & handled the situation, all of us caught our breath but were left in shock. This whole scenario crossed my mind many a time, & such similar incidences heard & read in the news compelled me to dwell on the subject of the Doctor-Patient relationship.

The doctors are also a part of society, hence all good & bad aspects are applicable to them. But the faith of patient & relatives on doctors plays a crucial role in maintaining balance in society. No doctor will deliberately act as to cause harm to a patient. The opinion of doctors regarding the condition of the patient should be taken positively and acted upon accordingly. Though sometimes if misconduct happens the matter should be sorted in the court of law, as whatever a Doctor does is in good faith. Physical attack on doctors and damaging hospital infrastructure is not a civic way to solve the problem.

In the era of social media trials occurring in all walks of life, the society goes too bias against medical fraternity & no-one has time & patience to think with one’s own mindset. Since, the information available is considered as knowledge so everyone is ready to consider each medical professional as the culprit that makes the situation harder, vulnerable & a majority of Doctors following good moral code of conduct also face the music & land into a problem.

The doctors on their part should not consider patients as ATM. The treatment options given should be reasonable LOYAL & practically leading to either diagnosis or prognosis. The increase in chair time for counseling the patient & relatives will help to clear the motive of doctors. & consistency in such behavior will help to eradicate the misunderstanding regarding money extortion thought to be done, nowadays.

The doctor-patient relationship is given a higher value as a reward than money. The patient would pay the money but still bend down to touch the feet of the

service provider subject to the fact that there is no feeling of deception. The feel in doctors voice, touch & comforting look is all that they have always been about.

As a caretaker of the spirit, a doctor must preserve a personal relationship with the patients. “To touch another body with healing hands” is our job but to instill hope is to continue the heritage & nobility of the profession.

The doctors & patients are all human beings so are likely to err but try to reduce these issues and both of them should always ask.

Is it fair?

Is it a truth?

Is it fair to build the understanding between doctor & patient?

Will it build up good rapo amongst all?

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