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Med school! Hospital!!
Everyone in chaos. Sisters, interns, residents, consultants. Everybody in a constant race. Each one of them has their own story.
“sister, bp cuff!  Sister, grabs! sister rounds!
Gosh! Sister, why the hell isn’t this monitor working?? Sister, this! Sister,  that! Omg!! The sisters are a way too clumsy man,” utters the intern.
And here the sisters are in hustle always. Continous running, loading medicines, withdrawing samples, dressing, preparing for dispatch, doing everything in the permitted time. Too much of rush.

Interns,  the beginners, super fresh in their carrier are not much in less haste. Within a week of joining,  get completely used to the new world. The day starts in a haste to reach the rounds without a time for breakfast. After finally finishing writing progress and collecting reports and even before feeling a bit glad to have skipped breakfast for their service, it’s a time to get a complaint about not being responsible towards patients. “Omg! Interns like these kill the patients, says your consultant. When I was on your phase, I solely looked after the ward and opds too”, adds the resident. Interns are under the constant pressure from almost every one,  starting from sisters to consultants. Sometimes more of a paperwork make them forget their profession. Running the entire day, they wanna get through every procedure. But their hard work and sleepless nights are always overruled by the silly mistakes, immaturity and the little ignorance which is definitely not acceptable in our beautiful world of healing. Neither the Residents are free of this vicious cycle. Well,  they are at the top to have the uncountable number of mishappenings and acquaintances at the end of residency. PG’s, the fastest runners of the medical marathon, responsible for every misshapenness and aberrations in their respective wards, from the cleanliness of ward,  infrastructures, patient progress and many more. Never too prepared for the rounds,  always sort of knowledge which seems and is definitely very basic to the consultants. In spite of daily learning,  insistent practice, hard work, they are still miles away from getting pro. On their attempt of getting more serious,  they often land up in misunderstandings with residents of other departments. Their best decisions for their patient are most of the times mistaken irrelevant and inessential investigations or consultation or expert opinion to the counter residents and vice versa.

And again,  cutting off some of them with an intention of helping out your copartners would again label you a negligent one. You are always in a hit to be so incompetent to the duty. They complete the entire residency in chaos and even at the end,  they are labeled as not very compatible.
Completing postgraduate doesn’t even ease you out or relieves you of pressure. Rather you ought to be more responsible and handle your juniors. Entire hospital is in your hand and you can’t afford a slight carelessness towards the patient. What you call little creates a huge difference in the treatment protocol.
Finally,  its all about life. Its all about healing and curing. You do your level best,  keep running and yelling and complaining and blaming to finally be a better healer,  better soother. You shout at others cause you to feel your way of healing is better and vice versa. All of us are on a single journey with one single motive but with different roads. It’s not easy to know others journey without walking on their shoe. Let’s complain less, be more kind and only a little more understanding. Afterall, all of us have a single aim. Better healing and curing!!!

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