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Shaking your baby for 5 seconds can lead to child death – Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaking your baby for 5 seconds can lead to child death - Shaken Baby Syndrome

Babies are fragile, Please don’t shake a child. Pledge not to shake. Take a Break, Don’t Shake – Shaken baby syndrome can be prevented. Never Never Never Shake a baby. Babies cry, Have a plan,.

I was shocked to hear from my teacher at Forensic medicine & Toxicology class about the Shaken Baby Syndrome. So, I was very enthusiastic to find the exact things behind the syndrome. How It is possible that shaking a baby for more than 5 second of duration can make the baby dead. In this post I am discussing about this specific syndrome what is called Shaken Baby syndrome.

►Between 1000 and 1500 childrens are victims of Shaken Baby Syndrome per year.

►Infants between 3 month to 8 month are more suceptible to Shaken baby syndrome.

►25% of all shaken baby syndrome babies die of their injuries

Shaken Baby Syndrome or Infantile whiplash syndrome is also known as Abusive Head Trauma (AHT). It is type of head injury caused as a result of non accidental violence leading to intracranial hemorrhages. Three sings are usually found which are know as Triads. They are Subdural hematoma, Retinal bleeding and Brain Swellings (encephalopathy). These three medical findings are usually indicative to the physician of a case of child abuse by violent shaking or blunt impact. Though there are no external signs subdural hemorrhages (SDH) is the most consistent component of the triad and it may be the first clinical sign identifies on CT  scan.

Why babies are shaken? Is this to show affection to them. Actually this shaking is not a shake of love but is a punishment. Parents or caretakers usually shake the baby to give punishment. This vigorous shaking causes internal hemorrhage to the brain as a result most of the cases the baby died. Symptoms are seizures, irritability, meningismus, and focal or general neurological deficit. The damage caused to the infant are severe brain damage, varying degree of visual impairment, motor impairment and cognitive impairment. 50% of the cases of death of child abuse are due to Shaken baby syndrome.

Predisposing factors are infant’s relatively large head, weck neck muscles and delicate subarachnoid blood vessels. The diagnosis is made by CT or MRI scan, bloody spinal or subdural fluid or normal skull X-rays.

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