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Origin of AIDS from oral polio vaccine

Hi everyone! This is the story about the origin of AIDS and how HIV came to infect humans. There are two broadly accepted theories –

  1. The hunter theory– this goes that Africans in central Africa hunted chimps ans other primates and ate the bushmeat. The chimps are the carriers of SIV, the closest ancestor to HIV( The SIV is very well dealt with by chimps as our body deals with chickenpox or common cold but its cousin HIV wreaks havoc in human immune system. possibility of a cure then by studying chimps!!!! go start researching ). During the process of skinning the meat they got infected as HIV spreads through contact of blood and mucosa. This is what you will read in your books. Now, let me ask you this -“these very humans were hunting and eating bushmeat for thousands of years but why AIDS was transmitted now??????”. This is the question which kept bothering me.
  2. The oral polio vaccine theory- From vaccines??? yes. “So is AIDS manmade???” possibly. Here is what happened. In the turn of the 20th centry children in America died from polio quite frequently. Sp, the big pharma companies started a race to come up with a polio vaccine. We all heard about Mr. Salk. His injectable vaccine was a boon. Very soon about 90 million children was immunized. Then suddenly 11 children fell ill and died, the cause, probably the vaccines were contaminated. This created the need for a safer vaccine. In came into the picture two doctors each legends today Hillary Koprowsky and Albert Sabin. Both developed a oral polio vaccine. Sabin tested the vaccine in his home country, the USSR. Koprowsky went to the central congo in Africa then under the colonial rule of Belgium. Why Belgium? because it had for the day state of the art labs for vaccine production and research. Here the vaccines were cultured using chimpanzee kidney cells. Sabin on the other hand used rhesus monkeys from india and phillipines for his vaccine production. The rhesus monkeys are not carriers of SIV but chimpanzees were. The fact that monkey viruses could be transmitted to humans by vaccines is also well documented- the transmission of sv40 from rhesus monkeys to humans through sabin vaccine. Could a similar thing occurred with SIV in Koprowsky’s vaccines…possibly. when the live vaccines are prepared, the virus is cultured using monolayer cell cultures of monkey kidney cells. however in those days these cell cultures were very crude and often contained other types of cells infected by other contaminated viruses. In the book “the river origin of AIDS”, journalist Mr. Hooper conducted a survey in all the villages in congo where Koprowsky’s vaccine was administered. He found a direct correlation with emergence of AIDS there. The oldest seropositive sample for AIDS is the L70 from leopldville, presnt day Kinchasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. “wait, wait!!! how can such a disaster remain hidden and suppressed from the public ????”. Well here are the reasons why- a. It would suggest that medicine is responsible for the present day AIDS pandemic and that legendary doctors like Koprowsky would loose their reputation. b. People would loose faith in vaccine screating a panic among them. c. The big pharma companies would loose their millions in revenue if people stopped taking vaccines.

So, this was the story about how SIV entered human population and then evolved into the dreaded HIV, killing millions over the past few decades. All I am saying that there should be more debate about the safety of vaccines. There are amny who refute the vaccine theory but where are the facts that will prove them right. There are no vaccines left from  the batches used in congo. Even though we have the technology to synthetically prepare our vaccines , we still use the old method involving animals simply because it would cost the pharma companies extra money to upgrade and all they care about is their profits. I want us, the future doctors to debate and create a dialogue between us, the public and these companies. We all hope that a cure or vaccine for AIDS is found out soon.


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