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“Mental Health”, a serious issue, something that we all have read about, the pathology, clinical features what not??

But what is it actually? How does a person affected by a mental illness feel?

I don’t wish to go into the “medicine” aspect of it, as you all might have guessed, my knowledge there is kind of minimal.


We have had psychiatry postings, where we got a chance to encounter many patients… Schizophrenics, Maniacs, Depressive patients. Let me stop you right there.


“DEPRESSION “. (Why are you saying that loud? Its a taboo topic don’t you know?)

That’s what I want to talk about. So, what is depression?

Oh, My God! Relax! I was not asking the definition. I don’t plan to conduct a Viva.


So, in a layman point of view, depression is something undefinable, the feeling that you are being pulled down, that weight over your chest when everything seems dark, and you stop doing things you love doing, lose sleep. Basically, life seems pointless. Endless sadness without any reason.


” How do you know about this?”You might ask. Well, I will give you 3 guesses.


So, basically, it’s a hard time. Do you know when it becomes harder? When people around you, your friends and family, don’t realize what’s going on with you. When they contribute further towards your heart-wrenching feeling.

And when you finally decide to open up, the response goes something like. “Stop being a drama queen”. Or        ” See I have had bigger problems than you, you should be happy ”

And you feel this is going to make them alright?


“What? You are crying because a dog bit you? Yesterday, one elephant wrapped it’s trunk around me, stabbed me 3 times and I died. And see still I’m alive”.

Is that an advice? How can that be an antidote to her pain? Honestly not going to help, guys.


Just because you have had bigger problems or you feel this other person is having a perfect life, doesn’t make it okay.


I want you all to repeat this after me.

” it’s not what I feel about him that matters, it’s what he feels about himself that matters”.

You can even write an imposition, say 100 times, for it to stick.


I would like to quote a stanza from one of my poems. ( Honestly! Not trying to be narcissistic)


“I committed a sin

When I decided his problem is less than mine

And preached him on that

That’s when I committed a sin”


I don’t know what you are feeling after reading this. I don’t even know how many people left midway. But, for all those who are with me, who did bear me so long, Please one request!

Help them out, Listen to them, Take care.

We don’t want to lose another life over depression.

Hear us out!

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