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What is life if full of care!!
We have no time to stand and stare!!

These are my favorite lines. I feel those lines invariably especially after choosing
to be in the medical profession.
I had been totally unwary all throughout my medical journey which ended up being
an Anatomist. Repeating for getting into the medical profession and then for post-graduation
!! And then still the life is yet to settle!! But, I am always keeping the
hope to get a good opportunity. This reminds lines from the stalwart M. S.
Dhoni, “Kharagpur ki Government naukri mei phas gaya toh aghe kuch nahi ho
payega. Sirf 9 to 5 ki duty karte rehna padega.” (Meaning that,”If I join the
Government as a permanent employee as a ticket collector in the railways at
Kharagpur, then I will have to remain satisfied doing the 9 am to 5 pm duty. I will
be unable to satisfy my inner voice, be unable to fulfill the dream I cherish as a
And now we are not even able to get that. No satisfactory job nor salary!! Post PG
long wait; no result! MPSC was hope, but it was as if wanting to taste poisonous
honey!! It being preclinical subject is given last priority. Later on only to realize
that all preclinical vacancies are being directed to clinical subjects. I really fail to
understand why preclinical subjects are being looked down so much. To add on to
the existing struggle, MCI has reduced the requirement of staff members to be
recruited. Most of the time, pan India vacancies are available, but not where one
stays!! Ab kya pura India ghume? No family life.
But being a teacher, I encourage students. So how do I lose hope? Where there is
a will, there has to be a way. So, just need to keep patience and wait for the right
time to come.
And then by the grace of God a ray of hope is seen.
Job in a private college!! Everyone knows how it is!! Actually, it’s an open secret. But
sometimes to achieve something in life, some risks and compromises have to be
made. One needs to come out of the comfort zone as my husband puts it. It was slightly skirmished
for me. Not used to the local train travels, those fight to get
seats and phone calls to railway helpline numbers and many more. But, then I made
great lifetime friends in due course of time as well. Also, I got to learn a lot from
them. How everyone is struggling and yet so happy!!
I learned a lot as an Anatomist. I have my own innovative and unique style of
teaching. But at the same time, I am eager to learn from students as well. Although
it’s really funny to listen to their answers (entertainment time), it teaches lots
of lessons as well. For example, most of the time students are confused between
the lungs and liver. So, one can stress on this mistake. Thus, in future students can
avoid these errors. Also, if students are aware of the system wise different trays
kept in the examination, they can avoid mixture of two topics. In addition, one must be
aware that for dental students, knowledge on HNF is to be imbibed more.
Exercise science, Occupational therapy and Physiotherapy students, limb study is
to be focused. For MBBS students, mnemonics and stories help a lot to catch
their attention.
Ultimately, one has to choose a profession of our liking or like the one in which he
or she is into. I would like to reiterate on the winning statements of our beloved
MISS INDIA WORLD MANUSHI CHILLER, “Profession is not just about being
paid. It’s the respect and love one gets by doing whatever one has focused on.
Mothers’ life is full of sacrifice and doesn’t expect anything in return. And so that
is the highest paid profession.” And yes, of course, I could better understand
these words as I am because of the sacrifices and struggles of my mother and my
elder brother. Had they not been selfless, can’t even imagine my fate.
In the meantime, one has to be vigilant and look out for the opportunity. It does come
and in a special way unfolds the divine plan of God. Of course our efforts and hard
work matters!! And that opportunity did come thanks to the Modi government. Pan
India Central government is opening new medical colleges.
So, I am feeling positive and hopeful for the future. As Bob Hope rightly says, “I’ve
always been in the right place and time. Of course, I steered myself there.”


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