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For starters, I want to share my experience with students who want to go on this route and with people who are just curious about what it’s all about – Becoming a doctor.
 I still remember the first day of landing to medical college; the cheerfulness, happy moment, excitement and dream that everybody carries to become a doctor.
Well, my journey was both sweet and sour. The first phase is one of the important years I believe, That is when students have to acclimatize to the new environment. Nevertheless, it’s the year when everyone is ready to get kick started to become a doctor. Everyone is usually more focused during the first phase and eventually, some people start drifting away from their goals. I can’t say that’s the worse thing in the world since that’s how most of us learn the major life lessons. However, I would say getting a good grip on the first phase subjects anatomy, pathology and physiology go a long way. They make the foundation for a smooth journey ahead. I must add, I am not saying that biochemistry isn’t important. Each and every subject carries its own importance. What I see, in the medical field seniors are the motivators, guides and helpers.there are so many books and every writer had their own opinion regarding the books. and they help us in choosing the finest book to read and pass an exam. I love to read ROBBINS PATHOLOGY and GUYTON’S physiology.these book changed the way what I saw in the entire medical field, Guyton telling the all the normal physiology that happens in our body where Robbins explained the detail possible cause where physiology goes wrong to cause disease. studying these books throughout the first phase of my basic science tells me the start from normal physiological cell to the concept of a necrosed cell.
The first year is very fast but at the same time its sort of slow. It might be because its hard to forget the memories made especially during this year. The big transition from school to college is difficult to forget for the most of us. Then comes the second year, which is 1 years long on TU. Well, my biggest mistake was to think “Oh no biggie, I have a lot of time to hit the books.” I was wrong. this year we have to study all system remaining after the first year. Pathology and Anatomy is a major subject of the second year and its best to get a head start rather than waiting until the end. In my opinion, the best case scenario will be a student who not only focuses on the second year subjects but also adds medicine to pathology. Worse case scenario would be waiting until the end to open books!! Well, this is also the year when students start planning trips and enjoying college life. Have fun but don’t overindulge to a point that you can’t come back.
The third year is the easiest year I think. But also because I studied decently throughout the year and it’s very feasible. The holy grail of M.b.b.s is the fourth and final year. Its the hardest I believe. Mostly because practicals weigh just as much as theory, and I was always terrified of vivas. So focus on both theory and practicals. Attend the clinical postings from the third year onwards and be well equipped with the history taking skills.
The internship is one year long. That’s when most of the students learn the basic procedures and get a good taste of the hospital life specifically being on call or night duties.
Moreover, I believe that my medical journey was both sweet and sour.W e are not alone in the journey there is a lot in the world who are with us on the journey. I want to share  a great word by ARISTOTLE

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