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He is my age. An MBBS student, With the equal loads of studies that I have. He doesn’t possess any superpowers. Yet, he’s working singlehandedly to save an entire village and it’s people. He doesn’t know any of the villagers personally. He is doing that simply because he feels that after 70 years of Independence, it is a pity if some people of our country have to live like this:
*No water except Saline water.
*No hospitals within 2 miles
*No electricity
*No proper roads
*No education beyond 5th
*Villagers often attacked by crocodiles
*No marriage since Last 20 years, due to lack of basic necessities
*Almost all children of the village are diseased.
And my friend, Ashwani is braving an entire government and challenging a chief minister even, in order to bring light into the lives of these villagers. He is doing everything in his power to change that. The high court, Rti, campaign, PMO, almost everything.
& Now, after almost 3 years of his constant efforts, that village has changed completely and he is now working for the smart education project for that village now.

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