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It’s just been two years since I joined medicine. Finishing up my pre-clinical years now and I feel these two years changed me a lot as a human being. Doing hard work and working under pressure is there but with that, the feeling of my role in the society has recently evolved in me. Before joining it was a profession for me that I dreamed of, I did not know it meant a lot more than just a profession. I now feel that I will be able to make an impact on the society in the future. I feel that “yes I can change lives” and change for a better future for many people. Being just a second-year medical student these things may sound like idealism, “just another inspired fellow who will lose this feeling later when he’ll have to deal with ‘LIFE’.


But I ask why not to inspire medical students constantly? Apart from the vast knowledge and skills we are acquiring, I think a little bit of inspiration now and then will make the students push a little harder each time. Make them feel that what they are building up is not merely a way of living, rather it is a way of life.


As per my personal experience, the feeling that ‘I need to get to a certain level such that people will believe me and trust me so that I can make an impact on the society’ is something that gives a boost to go on during difficult times. It helps me to go through that biochemical pathway, the late night work on the practicals, the missed wedding of my sister, the party I could not go to and on and on goes the list.


We may not realize how much of an impact our words have on people. Maybe because you said the boy next door wanted to be a doctor, maybe because of you someone became more generous to the needy.







So, why not inspire people so they’ll thrive towards greatness rather than settling for “OKAY”.


Why not create a feeling in people that they can impact the society and their contribution means something to others?



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