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A doctor is the one who referred as a god, he should be empathetic towards his patients rather than sympathetic. A patient is going to doctor with a lot of hopes and faith; even if the patient is suffering from tormenting pain with an incurable disease, a single heart filled kind word of doctor could give great relief to the patient rather than any palliative care. A doctor has a tremendous and valuable role in a patient’s life, in some cases patient will only trust the doctor than anyone else, the doctor is having the key to the happiness of patient. When a patient enters a doctor’s room, the doctor should receive him/her with a gentle and calm smile. Then try to gain the patient’s trust through friendly chat( by asking name, address, occupation, Hobbies etc) provide a comfortable zone for the patient, make such an environment that the patient will trust the doctor and the former feel open enough to share his /her (physical as well as psychological) issues to the doctor. Then only the doctor will get a proper and crisp history from the patient. After history taking doctor should arrive at a suitable diagnosis; Prescribe proper medicines, exercises, diets etc to the patient. If the patient should undergo a surgery, explain to him/her about the procedures (from anesthesia to suturing), complications, consequences etc. Provide the best post-operative care to the patient until the scar of sutures get mild and reduced. Inform the patient to visit the doctor, if any complications have occurred during this period. Moreover, a doctor should behave as a parent to his patient by providing love, empathy, care, and hopes. Corrupted doctors are increasing in number nowadays throughout the world. Before providing enough care to the patient, the doctor should be loyal to himself, then towards his patients and the world around him. He should follow The Hippocratic Oath until his last breath. Being a good doctor means being a good disciple of God, those doctors will be always close to the beat and breath of god and will be an idol in both earth and heaven.

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