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High Yield Medical Notes PDF free download 2022

Medical Notes PDF free Download App

Medical Notes are very important instant assets for medical students as they are specially made for the needs of the students by different expert faculties. Medical notes are not a complete replacement for medical textbooks. But they work very well as a supplement for various competitive exams. I have seen many students ask for medical notes pdf by mail. So I thought to make available medical notes for students in MEDGAG.

What are High Yield Medical Notes ?

High Yield Medical Notes

How to use High Yield Medical Notes

High Yield notes are made for revisions but they can be used for first-time reads also as concepts are included in them whenever necessary. Topics are not made lengthy, they are written as asked in different exams and to the point with necessary concepts. These days conceptual questions are asked frequently. We have considered these things and added some easy-to-understand concepts.

Difference between Revision Notes and High Yield Notes

Revision Notes and High Yield Notes are Medical Super Notes that can be used alternatively. Medical Super Notes – High-yield Medical revision notes are made by MEDGAG Team for Medical students preparing for the NEXT exam as well as NEET PG, AIIMS, JIMPER, PLAB, and USMLE exams. There are some notes in the market like Marrow revision notes, Prepladder Revision Notes, DAMS Revision Notes, Bhatia Medical Notes, Notespedia Medical Revision Notes, MedNotes, etc. We are happy to announce that our notes will be far better than these available notes. The differences between our notes with Marrow Edition 5 notes are that our notes are far better than their notes.

Where Notes will be available

Our high-yield notes for medical students will be available on all platforms in all formats. Medical Notes Online is our new initiative where you can be able to get the review notes online right in your browser in desktop mode as well as tab mode. It will be also available as Medical Notes App. Medical Super Notes or MedNotes are also available in PDF format. You can download them to your local drive.

Marrow Edition 5 PDF Notes Example


Community Medicine




Obstetrics & Gynaecology








MEGAG Medical Super High Yield Revision Notes App

We are introducing our app MEGAG App. Medical Notes of all subjects are available free in our app. You can study any notes from our app at any time. You can download our app free of cost from the Play Store and iOS store for free notes for medical students. Revision points are made topic-wise and chapter-wise and clinical are added with it systemically. Topics are arranged in a beautiful way so that you can search through the content.

How to download Medical Notes App?

The Medical Notes app is free. It can be downloaded from Playstore and the iOS store. If you want to download apk of the medical notes app, you can download it from Fdroid App.

Can I get a printed version of the Medical Notes?

Currently, Medical Notes are not available in Printed forms. But we are working on it to release the medical notes app as soon as possible.


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