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This is not only an article but my own story.  I am a 2nd-year student at Vardhman Mahavir medical college and Safdarjung hospital.

Last year around my professional examination I was getting ill very frequently it’s was like almost every evening suddenly fever was coming. I didn’t have a cough but sputum was present. I went to doctors many times but still have to take a PCM almost every night. Finally, one doctor asked me to get an x-ray done. seeing the x-ray he was not sure but I don’t know I had a gut feeling that it may be tuberculosis. After that, I panicked and I didn’t get the sputum test done there and went to a home in Ambala. There I gave my sputum sample and it was 4+ve  at that time I didn’t new 4+ve is what but in the 2nd year of my MBBS I got to know that. My treatment was started with my professional just a month away none of my friends knew at that time I went back to college tell the whole situation to the faculty. They told me I will be sputum -ve in a month and that till that time I can be at home. It turns out that my medicines ( Rifampicin ethambutol pyrazinamide isoniazid) work out great for me.
            My exam started I went to the hostel but I had to get a separate room for me because of the stigma of the disease. All my friends were very very supportive I couldn’t have fought that situation without them. As professional examination are very difficult it was really difficult for me to take my medicines on time and very frequently there was few hours delay. I use to go to the library and in the morning I have to get back in the hostel so as to take my medicines and plus gave to maintain a good diet,  keep a check on my weight and I feared that these drugs have side effects and also about the ease with it can change to XDR or MDR  .
When only one month of my course was remaining and I was doing just fine. I got hepatitis many students in my hostel were suffering from that even my roommate my medicine was modified now instead of rifampicin I had to take ethambutol. But in the end, everything went well. I passed my examination my x-ray became clear and I am doing just fine right now.
 But what I did realize that the biggest problem with this disease is social stigma. I was a fortunate event to have a supportive friend. This disease also has a psychological symptom I guess I think so because my friends after my condition got improved used to tell me that I started to behave weirdly when I was getting frequently ill.
    It is very important for every Medical student or practitioner to be careful as this disease does not see a class or economic level of the person but it can happen to anyone.
Today our nation is facing an outburst of TB. It is the need of an hour to solve this problem and stop it from destroying our lives.

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