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Doctors and patients have a most meaningful relationship

To start with we must know what a relationship means, it’s not a coming together of two individuals and doing things together. It’s about sharing and caring for each other.
Patients and doctors have a most meaningful relationship. Doctor treat patients and help them to pursue their life comfortably. And for patients, they are the channel for curing their ailments. A patient shares everything with a doctor which they even don’t tell their spouse or parents or any other beloved to them. Hence a doctor needs not only to try to treat them but he is also supposed to understand them. And most importantly maintain the secrecy. A person comes to a doctor and tells them each and every detail about their life can be related to family issues or sexual life. So it’s a doctor’s duty that he does not share it with anyone unless and until it’s necessary for the wellness of patient and society.
In a relationship trust is utmost important. This trust maintains the relationship. A patient comes with trust to a doctor and similarly doctor too trust its patient about what they say. Both the individuals are responsible for the further consequences.
Sometimes this relationship may go wrong, may be due to patient who lied or doctor who failed to maintain the secrecy. And for consequences, good or bad, they both face them.
A doctor with his total force tries to save the patient and fight for him, with him. A patient needs to help them by giving the correct history and following a given prescription.
If any bad happen including treatment failure or negligence which turns out to be so violent nowadays. Family members are hitting doctors and insulting them. This need to be changed.

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