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DOCTOR-PATIENT relationship!!!!

The above word relationship is “Highlighted” reason is simple… Things that are falling, failing are always highlighted!!!!!!

What’s the reason behind that?

What in this whole world where a doctor was(is???) considered God is now beaten like anything??

Why patient is not trusting doctor??

Are doctors only the reason behind that???

What’s the reason????

Let’s begin with a simple story of a boy. He decides to become a doctor at an age of 12 or 13 just by watching a doctor treating a patient and the healing of the patient, THE SMILE of the person making the day of that doctor!!! The boy decided he will be a doctor and will never disappoint a patient!!! FRIENDS NEVER DISAPPOINT A PATIENT MEANS HE WILL NEVER DISAPPOINT HIMSELF!!!! Then the boy studied hard and cracked the entrance… He got admission in the medical college… An ordinary boy now learns to be a person who will be SUPPOSED to be GOD after his completion!!! The boy gets graduation and joins post graduation coarse by cracking the entrance, the boy is still supposed become a god after his Post graduation!! He becomes a surgeon, one day due to some reason the patient died but wasn’t his fault (was it?) the fault of his was only that he was SUPPOSED TO BE GOD!!

The patients’ relatives got mad and took the life of that doctor!!!

Only a few could understand this, coz doctors are not to be treated like this!! They are here to treat you!!

Believe me, I don’t say it is one-sided fault… There might be few doctors about whom you would have a bad experience but they are never the same!! There are reasons for every advice of a doctor!!!

Doctors give 200% to save a life! If he fails written above he disappoints himself, I don’t say there is no problem yes there is a communication gap… If doctors are not communicating then misunderstanding might be produced!!!

In medicine, there is no place for misunderstanding!!!

If we treat the patient like a god he will definitely regard us with the honor of GOD!!!



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