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A Digital Contact Lens to Measure Blood Glucose level – A Google Innovation

Google has taken its innovation to a new level with the release of Google smart contact lens. Digital Contact Lens is a smart contact lens with a wireless chip and a glucose sensor which draws power from the device sharing data via the wireless technology RFID. Google announced about the smart lens on 2014 and will be released for general use after prototype testing. The device can measure the glucose continuously with a frequency of one second.

The wearable technology is currently developed by Verily owned by google released 3 years ago on january 2014. It is consist of multiple sensors and can turn the page of a e-book with a blink of eye. Google claimed that the device can measure the glucose level in blood and warn the wearer when glucose level has crossed a certain threshold.

Let us have a look at the design of the modern lens.

  • The lens consist of a wireless chip and a miniaturized glucose sensor.
  • A tiny pinhole in the lens allows for tear fluid to seep into the sensor
  • Both the sensors are embedded between two soft layers of lens material.
  • The electronics lie outside of both the pupil and iris
  • Chip and antenna are used to receive power and transmit information.
  • This smart lens uses a ultra-flexible and transparent electronic circuit developed by Scientists at ETH Zurich.

Research about Tear glucose levels in normal people and in diabetic patients by D K Sen and G S Sarin revealed that the fasting tear glucose level did not appear to be a satisfactory index for classifying a person as a diabetic or normal. Fasting glucose levels in the tears is 3.6 mg/100 ml  and in the diabetic patients is 16.6 mg/100 ml in average.  But it was found that 4.6% of Diabetics are missed while 5.8% normal persons are classified as diabetics.

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