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Deprivation of sleep can reduce depression symptoms – Study found

Are you feeling depressed? Do you lose your interest in activities, are your daily life being impaired? You cannot believe but the simple solution is you have stop sleeping. Deprivation of sleep can make you out of depression. There is more than 10 million cases of depression in India. A study by researchers of Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania showed that Sleep Deprivation rapidly reduces the symptoms of depression. The 30 year analysis showed that sleep for 3 to 4 hours was equally effective as total sleep deprivation for 36hours. Although antidepressant drugs take more than weeks, total or partial sleep deprivation can cause improvement of the symptoms in 24 hours. Philip Gehrman, PhD, associate professor of Psychiatry and Member of penn Sleep Center said “Our analysis precisely reports how effective sleep deprivation is and in which populations it should be administered”

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