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Ten Cates Oral Histology

Ten Cates Oral Histology

Ten Cates Oral Histology 9th Edition : Gain a deeper arrangement of oral health taking into account the definitive text in oral histology. Written by Dr. Antonio Nanci, a world-renowned leader in cell biology, the auxiliary ninth edition of Ten Cates Oral Histology covers all the latest research and trends in oral histology, embryology, physiology, oral biology, and postnatal exaggeration and shape on that is valuable to discharge commitment in oral health! Considered to be the acquiescent in the sports ground, this renowned text uses understandable explanations and detailed, full-color micrographs, images, and illustrations to lessening you improved take on to even the most higher topics.

Ten Cates Oral Histology
Ten Cates Oral Histology

Key Features :

  • Detailed histological and structural images by now you differentiate the structures.
  • Medical entrance to histology helps you find the child maintenance for on underlying biological activities, and oral tissue repair and regeneration.
  • Full-color format helps bring oral histology to vibrancy.
  • Learning resources around the Evolve website insert collective-another review questions together in the middle of instant feedback, and interactive drag-and-slip exercises.
  • Full-color micrographs, images, and 3D art enhance your understanding of key oral histology concepts.
  • Commentary boxes emphasize subsidiary and liberal research topics from leaders in the ground.
  • Updated content including evolve content upon the keyed going on system in chapter four has been postscript to save you familiar as soon as the latest recommend in the pitch.

Table of Contents :

  1. Structure of the Oral Tissues
  2. General Embryology
  3. Embryology of the Head, Face, and Oral Cavity
  4. Cytoskeleton, Cell Junctions, Fibroblasts, and Extracellular Matrixes
  5. Development of the Tooth and Its Supporting Tissues
  6. Bone
  7. Enamel: Composition, Formation, and Structure
  8. Dentin-Pulp Complex
  9. Periodontium
  10. Physiologic Tooth Movement: Eruption and Shedding
  11. Salivary Glands
  12. Oral Mucosa
  13. Temporomandibular Joint
  14. Facial growth and development
  15. Repair and Regeneration of Oral Tissues

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Ten Cates Oral Histology

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