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Snell Clinical Anatomy

Snell Clinical Anatomy

Snell Clinical Anatomy 9th Edition is known for its comprehensive, detailed-illustrations and easy-to-understand discussions. The overall structural organization of its content and curriculum is very user-friendly and well-versed in the international standards. The author of this book, Sir Richard S. Snell (M.D, Ph.D.) has put great emphasis on the clinical application of knowledge as the 9th edition of Snell’s Clinical Anatomy contains “clinical boxes” throughout the book.

Snell Clinical Anatomy

Snell Clinical Anatomy

Clinical Anatomy, as we all know is a very complex subject. And for medical students who are in their 1st and 2nd year of med-school, this subject is often regarded as exhausting and nerve-wracking. You have to memorize very intricate details (that are always easily forgotten) i.e relations of organs, their embryological development, innervation, blood supply, muscle attachments and their clinical correlations.

Snells Clinical Anatomy by Regions with skillfully-known as Snells Clinical Anatomy PDF 9th Edition is one of the most important book for the students of MBBS and supplementary medical fields. For Anatomy, there are many books moreover than BD chuarassias, RJ last, grays anatomy, Keith Moore, etc. But Snell Clinical Anatomy is one of the best resources for learning terrifying anatomy. If you are progress to a medical arena, moreover gate the full review for improved conclusions.

Key Features :

  • High-definition illustrations of anatomical structures are found throughout the book.
  • The 9th edition has undergone a unconditional revamp in terms of both design and layout. This edition now offers a sum and tightly focused text that meets the demands of the students and clinicians.
  • The entire content of the book is sweetly organized into various regions of the body; from the surface to deep structures offering detailed exposure vis–vis anything.
  • Detailed and tall-submit Clinical Notes are found adjoining each ventilation. The book puts pure exasperation about preparing the students for their standoffish tolerant encounters.
  • Remove chapter has been dedicated for Surface Anatomy where students are taught surface landmarks of important anatomical structures.
  • Embryologic Notes are furthermore provided to by now occurring students learn an organs impinge on on and be practiced to methodically correlate it subsequent to its clinics and doing.

Table of Contents :

CHAPTER 1: Introduction
CHAPTER 2: The Thorax: Part I—The Thoracic Wall
CHAPTER 3: The Thorax: Part II—The Thoracic Cavity
CHAPTER 4: The Abdomen: Part I—The Abdominal Wall
CHAPTER 5: The Abdomen: Part II—The Abdominal Cavity
CHAPTER 6: The Pelvis: Part I—The Pelvic Walls
CHAPTER 7: The Pelvis: Part II—The Pelvic Cavity
CHAPTER 8: The Perineum
CHAPTER 9: The Upper Limb
CHAPTER 10: The Lower Limb
CHAPTER 11: The Head and Neck
CHAPTER 12: The Back

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Snell Clinical Anatomy

Snell Clinical Anatomy

Widely praised for its clear and consistent organization, abundant illustrations and emphasis on clinical applications, Clinical Anatomy by Regions delivers the user-friendly features and expert perspectives that have made the textbook one of the top teaching and learning resources for those seeking insights into the practical application of anatomy. Ideal for medical, dental, allied health and nursing programs, this book guides students through the fundamentals of human anatomy, explaining the how and why behind each structure and offering readers the hands-on guidance they need to make sound clinical.

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