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The Short Textbook of Pediatrics

The Short Textbook of Pediatrics

Suraj Gupte The Short Textbook of Pediatrics 12th Edition PDF Free Download from given below link. The much-awaited 12th edition of The Short Textbook of Pediatrics appears at a time when pediatrics has well established its status as an independent subject in the undergraduate curriculum with a separate examination at university level in India following the laudable endeavors of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics. Since the last edition eminently succeeded in meeting the needs of the undergraduate students, here in the 12th edition we have made further strides to attain the enhanced excellence not only for them but also for the benefit of postgraduates, residents, practitioners and teachers. The goal is to provide a blend of time-honored concepts along with new advances with special emphasis on the needs in the Indian subcontinent. Each and every chapter stands updated with extensive revisions and/or rewriting, reorganization and additional material.

The Short Textbook of Pediatrics

The Short Textbook of Pediatrics

The Short Textbook of Pediatrics – Suraj Gupte 11th Edition. Recommended book for Pediatrics. Most of the students refer Gupte. It is a good book for Pediatrics.

Key Features :

  • Gives useful information on the problems of child health care. It includes chapters on growth and development, infant feeding, micronutrient/mineral deficiencies, infections, immunization, diarrheas, neonatology, etc.
  • Accommodates new knowledge, changing concepts and fresh concerns by the distinguished contributors of India and abroad to meet the requirements of postgraduate entrance tests
  • A consistent style and lavishly illustrated with full colour format presenting clinical and scientific information in a lucid, logical and user-friendly manner.

Table of Contents :

Section 1 : Introduction to Pediatrics
Appendices Appendices
Index Index
Chapter-01 Pediatrics: Contemporary Trends

Section 2 : Core Pediatrics
Chapter-02 Pediatric History-taking and Physical (Clinical) Examination
Chapter-03 Normal Growth
Chapter-04 Growth Disorders
Chapter-05 Development
Chapter-06 Developmental, Behavioral and Psychiatric Disorders
Chapter-07 Adolescent Medicine
Chapter-08 Pediatric-related Biostatistics
Chapter-09 Community Pediatrics
Chapter-10 Immunization
Chapter-11 Nutritional Requirements
Chapter-12 Infant and Young Child Feeding
Chapter-13 Malnutrition
Chapter-14 Vitamins
Chapter-15 Micronutrients/Trace Elements/Minerals
Chapter-16 Fluids, Electrolytes and Acid-base Balance and Disturbances

Section 3 : Neonatology
Chapter-17 Neonatology

Section 4 : Pediatric Infections
Chapter-18 Viral Infections
Chapter-19 Bacterial Infections
Chapter-20 Fungal Infections
Chapter-21 Protozoal Infections and Infestations
Chapter-22 Helminthic Infections and Infestations
Chapter-23 Intrauterine Infections
Chapter-24 Nosocomial Anaerobic and Opportunistic Infections
Chapter-25 Fever Spectrum

Section 5 : Pediatrics Subspecialties
Chapter-26 Pediatrics Pulmonology
Chapter-27 Pediatric Cardiology
Chapter-28 Pediatric Neurology
Chapter-29 Pediatric Gastroenterology
Chapter-30 Pediatric Hepatology and Pancreatology
Chapter-31 Pediatric Nephrology
Chapter-32 Pediatric Hematology
Chapter-33 Pediatric Oncology
Chapter-34 Pediatric Immunology
Chapter-35 Pediatric Rheumatology
Chapter-36 Pediatric Dermatology
Chapter-37 Accidental Poisoning
Chapter-38 Envenomation
Chapter-39 Pediatric Endocrinology
Chapter-40 Genetics in Health and Disease
Chapter-41 Inborn Errors of Metabolism
Chapter-42 Neuromuscular Disorders

Section 6 : Allied Specialties
Chapter-43 Pediatric Ophthalmology
Chapter-44 Pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Problems
Chapter-45 Pediatric Dental Problems
Chapter-46 Pediatric Surgery
Chapter-47 Pediatric Orthopedics

Section 7 : Miscellaneous and Unclassified Issues
Chapter-48 Miscellaneous and Unclassified Pediatric Issues

Section 8 : Pediatric Procedures
Chapter-49 Pediatric Practical Procedures
Chapter-50 Pediatric Laboratory Procedures

Section 9 : Pediatric Syndromes
Chapter-51 Pediatric Syndromes

Section 10 : Pediatric Drug Dosages
Chapter-52 Pediatric Drug Dosages

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The Short Textbook of Pediatrics

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