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Psychiatry 4th Edition Oxford Medical Publications

Psychiatry 4th Edition Oxford Medical Publications serves as one of the most innovative and concise books when it comes to studying human psychiatry for medical students. Oxford Psychiatry 4th Edition offers a very comprehensive discussion with explanations regarding the management of important psychiatric disorders encountered in day-to-day medical training inside the hospital.

The book utilizes genuine medical case histories to allow its readers to understand the theoretical discussion based on real-life scenarios. Today, in this article, we are going to share with you Oxford Psychiatry 4th Edition PDF Free download using our direct link given below link. We hope that our readers will find it useful.

Psychiatry 4th Edition Oxford Medical Publications

Psychiatry 4th Edition Oxford Medical Publications

This fourth edition of what has become an indispensable pocket guide to general psychiatry and the subspecialties continues to provide portable reassurance to health professionals at all levels of experience when dealing with psychiatric issues. As well as a comprehensive overview of the common presentations in psychiatry, this handbook includes practical guidance on the principles of management for individual conditions. Subspecialties, including old age psychiatry, substance misuse, child and adolescent psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, intellectual disability, liaison psychiatry, and psychotherapy are covered in separate chapters, as are overarching considerations such as legal issues, cultural context, and therapeutics. As in previous editions, the handbook is indexed alphabetically, by ICD-10/DSM-5 codes, and by acute presentations for quick access to topics. The text is peppered with clinical observations, guidance, and commentary, reflecting the authors’ own experiences of working in psychiatry. This new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to include the latest clinical guidelines, new licensed drug indications, changes to the legislature impacting on psychiatric practice across the United Kingdom and Ireland, the new DSM-5 classification system, and the anticipated ICD-11 changes to diagnostic coding.

Table of Contents :

PART ONE: Introduction

Introduction to Psychiatry
The scale of the problem
Mental disorder and you
PART TWO: Assessment

Setting up the assessment and taking a history
Conducting the assessment
Thinking about diagnosis
Thinking about etiology
Thinking about prognosis
Risk assessment and management
Communicating your findings
PART THREE: Management

General aspects of care: settings of care
Psychiatry and the law
Drugs and other physical treatments
Psychological treatment
Social treatments
Managing acute behavioral disturbance
PART FOUR: Management of Specific Groups

Child and adolescent psychiatry: general aspects of care
Psychiatry of older adults
Learning disability
People presenting with the physical disorder
PART FIVE: The Specific Disorders

Mood disorders
Schizophrenia and related disorders
Reactions to stressful experiences
Anxiety and obsessional disorders
Medically unexplained physical symptoms
Delirium, dementia, and other cognitive disorders
Eating disorders
Sleep disorders
Problems due to use of alcohol and other psychoactive substances
Problems of sexuality and gender
Personality and its disorders
Child and adolescent psychiatry: specific disorders
PART SIX: Psychiatry and you

Psychiatry and you

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Psychiatry 4th Edition Oxford Medical Publications PDF download link given below

Book Cover: Psychiatry 4th Edition Oxford Medical Publications

Psychiatry 4th Edition Oxford Medical Publications


Psychiatry 4th Edition Oxford Medical Publications

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