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Making Sense of the ECG

Making Sense of the ECG

Making Sense of the ECG : Interpreting an ECG correctly and effective out what to make a get of in the company of-door can seem once a daunting task to the non-specialist, still it is a completion that will be invaluable to any doctor, nurse, or paramedic considering evaluating the condition of a tolerant.

It is written in questioning order and is a intelligent tiny folder to learn approximately ECGs from beginning to bow to them, through to visceral skillful to recognise conditions and diagnosis. Ideal for nursing students, but plus for staff nurses wanting to learn more roughly ECGs. This book delivers a clear, concise, and sensible approach to ECG interpretation. It is an excellent and invaluable pocket-sozed resource for medical professionals who require basic ECG comments skills in the dealing out of their patients.

Making Sense of the ECG

Making Sense of the ECG

Key Features :

  • A satisfactory of ECG textbooks exist but this pocketbook tackles ECGs subsequent to a remarkably practical right of entry though yet providing indispensable knowledge.
  • The entire book reads in landscape and each of the 70 cases begins when a two-page go in the future of a 12-gain ECG or rhythm strip followed by the long-millstones records, psychoanalysis and investigations.
  • The subsequent questions not on your own relate to what the ECG shows, but to mechanisms, causes and paperwork. Fortunately, questions are limited to four per skirmish so as not to rout the reader.

Table of Contents :

Chapter Chapter 1 : Anatomy and physiology
Chapter Chapter 2 : PQRST: Where the waves come from
Chapter Chapter 3 : Performing an ECG recording
Chapter Chapter 4 : Reporting an ECG recording
Chapter Chapter 5 : Heart rate
Chapter Chapter 6 : An approach to heart rhythms
Chapter Chapter 7 : Supraventricular rhythms
Chapter Chapter 8 : Ventricular rhythms
Chapter Chapter 9 : Conduction problems
Chapter Chapter 10 : The axis
Chapter Chapter 11 : The P wave
Chapter Chapter 12 : The PR interval
Chapter Chapter 13 : The Q wave
Chapter Chapter 14 : The QRS complex
Chapter Chapter 15 : The ST segment
Chapter Chapter 16 : The T wave
Chapter Chapter 17 : The QT interval
Chapter Chapter 18 : The U wave
Chapter Chapter 19 : Artefacts on the ECG
Chapter Chapter 20 : ECG interpretation in athletes
Chapter Chapter 21 : Pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators
Chapter Chapter 22 : Ambulatory ECG recording
Chapter Chapter 23 : Exercise ECG testing

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Making Sense of the ECG

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