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Macleod’s Clinical Examination

Macleod’s Clinical Examination 13th Edition

The 13th Edition of Macleod’s Clinical Examination contains the practical skills clinicians must develop to learn advanced diagnostic procedures, management strategies, and plans. Throughout the book, the methods of obtaining an accurate history and performing a physical examination are emphasized. Each main chapter begins by describing the relevant symptom and its significance. The normal findings in a physical examination are described and related to important aspects of applied anatomy and physiology. The examination sequence and the relevance of abnormal signs are then discussed in detail. Chapters conclude with the advantages and limitations of the investigations as well as examples.

Macleod’s Clinical Examination 13th Edition

Macleod’s Clinical Examination 13th Edition

As a healthcare professional (no matter if you are a medical student or a doctor), it is very important that you master the essentials of history taking and physical examination. Good documentation of a patient’s medical history and physical examination are half-way through the process of arriving at an accurate diagnosis. That is the reason our professors and seniors have always advised us to master these two aspects of our clinical skills. For those who do not know, there are numerous books out there in the market but Macleod’s Clinical Examination is one such book that is authoritative and widely used by the medical community across the world. It is the winner of the 2014 BMA Medical Awards which is indicative of its sophistication. Today, in this article, we are going to share with you Macleod’s Clinical Examination PDF for free download. We hope you people find this book useful while working with your patients.

Key Features :

  • A clear description of the fundamental skills of patient evaluation and examination, answering the questions which arise from this.
  • Starts with two general overview chapters that provide the framework on which to hang the detail.
  • The system chapters document clearly the relevant history, examination and special investigations as well as giving advice on their significance.
  • A book at the heart of learning how to be a good doctor; invaluable for students starting clinical medicine as well as for more senior students and junior doctors, reminding them of the procedures involved in clerking a patient.
  • Closely linked to its sister publication, Davidsons Principles & Practice of Medicine, which complements the information in this text.
  • Now in full colour throughout
  • Utilises a series of patient examination photographs specially taken for this new edition
  • All clinical photographs in colour
  • Considerably shorter than previous edition
  • New co-editor and many new contributors
  • Page and cover designs improved and linked to design of Davidson
  • Key points boxes highlighted throughout and re-written extensively to be more uniform throughout
    Case histories added to this edition

Table of Contents :

Section 1: Principles of clinical history and examination
Managing clinical encounters with patients
General aspects of history taking
The value of initial observations

Section 2: System based examination
The cardiovascular system
The respiratory system
The gastrointestinal system
The nervous system
The visual system
The ear, nose & throat
The endocrine system
The reproductive system
The renal system
The musculoskeletal system
The skin, hair and nails

Section 3: Applying history and examination skills in specific situations
Babies and Children
Patients with mental illness and learning disability
The frail elderly
Examining the deteriorating patient
History and examination towards the end of life

Section 4: Putting History and Examination skills to Use
Preparing for assessments of clinical skills
Preparing for practice

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Macleod’s Clinical Examination 13th Edition

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