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K.D Tripathi Pharmacology

K.D Tripathi Pharmacology is one of the books most widely considered in Pharmacology in First year. It deals with the rational and scientific basis of therapeutics. K.D Tripathi Pharmacology is one of the books most widely considered in Pharmacology. You can download K.D Tripathi Pharmacology PDF book from below are the links.

Essentials of medical Pharmacology by KD Tripathi

Essentials of medical Pharmacology by KD Tripathi

Key Features of K.D Tripathi Pharmacology :

  • Revised and updated chapters including new drugs and latest treatment guidelines.
  • Wide range of topics from basic pharmacological concepts to practical therapeutics.
  • A new chapter on ‘Nitric Oxide and Vasoactive Peptide Signal Molecules’; has been added along with novel drugs that act by modifying actionturnover of these molecules.
  • Priority has been accorded to drugs that are marked in India, and their leading brand names are mentioned along with dosage forms.
  • List of abbreviations provided in the beginning of the book.
  • All recently released drugs are included.
  • Eye catching drug classification charts which help create pictorial memory.
  • Several new figures, charts, tables and highlight boxes have been added.
  • Focus on ‘evidence-based medicine’ by extensive reference to credible studies and endpoint trials.
  • India-specific information on diseases, drugs and treatment guidelines, particularly for TB, leprosy, HIV-AIDS, malaria, kala-azar, etc.
  • Therapeutic recommendations from eminent professional bodies and organizations.
  • The ‘Problem Directed Study’ at the end of most chapters provides an exercise in therapeutic decision making.
  • A brief list of useful references for further reading is provided at the end of the book.

Table of Contents

1. General Pharmacology Principles
2. Drugs Acting on Autonomic Nervous System.
3. Autacoids and Related Drugs
4. Respiratory System Drugs
5. Hormones and Related Drugs
6. Drugs Acting on Peripheral (Somatic) Nervous System
7. Drugs Acting on Central Nervous System
8. Cardiovascular Drugs
9. Drugs Acting on Kidney
10. Drugs Affecting Blood and Blood Formation
11. Gastrointestinal Drugs
12. Antimicrobial Drugs
13. Chemotherapy of Neoplastic Diseases
14. Miscellaneous Drugs

You can buy K.D Tripathi Pharmacology book here

KD Tripathi Pharmacology

Book Cover: K.D Tripathi Pharmacology

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