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Inderbir Singh’s Human Embryology

Inderbir Singh’s Human Embryology

Inderbir Singh’s Human Embryology 11th Edition 2018 book on human embryology has been written keeping in mind the requirements of undergraduate medical students. You can download the Inderbir Singh Human Embryology 11th Edition in PDF version from below link.

In this Inderbir Singh’s Human Embryology 11th Edition 2018 book, care has been taken to ensure that the text provides all the information necessary for an intelligent understanding of the essential features of the development of various organs and tissues of the human body. At the same time, several innovations have been used to make the subject easy to understand.

Inderbir Singh’s Human Embryology

Inderbir Singh’s Human Embryology

Key Features :

  • Firstly, the language has been kept simple. Care has been taken not to compress too many facts into an involved sentence. New words are clearly explained.
  • Secondly, simultaneous references to the development of more than one structure have been avoided as far as possible. While this has necessitated some repetition, it is hoped that this has removed one of the greatest factors leading to confusion in the study of this subject.
  • Thirdly, almost every step in development has been shown in a simple, easy to understand, illustration. To avoid
    confusion, only structures relevant to the discussion are shown. As far as possible, the drawings have been oriented as in adult anatomy to facilitate comprehension.
  • Fourthly, the chapters have been arranged so that all structures referred to at a particular stage have already been adequately introduced.

Table of Contents :

1. Introduction and Some Preliminary Considerations
2. Genetics and Molecular Biology in Embryology
3. Reproductive System, Gametogenesis, Ovarian and Menstrual Cycles
4. Fertilization and Formation of Germ Layers
5. Further Development of Embryonic Disc
6. Placenta, Fetal Membranes and Twinning
7. Formation of Tissues of the Body
8. Integumentary System (Skin and Its Appendages, Mammary Gland)
9. Pharyngeal Arches
10. Skeletal System and Muscular System
11. Face, Nose and Palate
12. Alimentary System—I: Mouth, Pharynx and Related Structures
13. Alimentary System—II: Gastrointestinal Tract
14. Liver and Biliary Apparatus; Pancreas and Spleen; Respiratory System; Body Cavities and Diaphragm
15. Cardiovascular System
16. Urogenital System
17. Nervous System
18. Endocrine Glands
19. Development of Eye
20. Development of the Ear
21. Clinical Applications of Embryology
22. Embryology Ready Reckoner

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Inderbir Singh’s Human Embryology

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