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Comprehensive Ophthalmology by A.K. Khurana 7th Edi

Comprehensive Ophthalmology by A.K. Khurana 6th Edition

The Comprehensive Ophthalmology by A.K. Khurana 7th Edition is a book used by Medical students during their third year of MBBS. This is the 7th edition of the book, you can download comprehensive ophthalmology 7th edition pdf here. AK Khurana is the so far best book one can use for studying and passing Ophthalmology during their Third-year MBBS in Medical Colleges. The two sections cover Anatomy, Physiology, and Diseases of Eye as well as Practical Ophthalmology. At the end of the book, there are instruments and surgical procedures given beautifully. These help mbbs students to work through their practical examinations at end of semesters.

Comprehensive Ophthalmology by A.K. Khurana 6th Edition

Comprehensive Ophthalmology by A.K. Khurana 6th Edition

There is much to learn in Ophthalmology though, from Vision test to diagnosing various diseases, it is always fun to find out new stuff. There are surgeries done for Ophthalmology too, for which you will have to be attentive or you may miss them.

Key Features :

  • The Comprehensive Ophthalmology is primarily designed for the needs of undergraduate medical students.
  • Text is unqualified idea and occurring-to-date subsequent to recent advances.
  • To be genuine, some portion of the text is in more detail than the requirement of undergraduate students. But this the whole feature of the scrap book makes it a useful handbook for the postgraduate students as without complexity.
  • Text is illustrated in imitation of large quantity of diagrams, comprising clinical photographs and sound-parentage diagrams which pay for shimmering and lucid details.
  • Operative steps of important surgical techniques have been reach in the relevant chapters. Wherever possible, important information has been insert in the form of tables and flow charts.
  • This book has been organized into six sections, including Anatomy and Physiology of Eye, Optics and Refraction, Diseases of Eye, Ocular Therapeutics, Systemic and Community Ophthalmology and Practical Ophthalmology.

Table of Contents :

Anatomy and Development of the Eye
Physiology of Eye and Vision
Optics and Refraction
Diseases of the Conjunctiva
Diseases of the Cornea
Diseases of the Sclera
Diseases of the Uveal Tract
Diseases of the Lens
Diseases of the Vitreous
Diseases of the Retina
Strabismus and Nystagmus
Diseases of the Eyelids
Diseases of the Lacrimal Apparatus
Diseases of the Orbit
Ocular Injuries
Ocular Therapeutics, Lasers, and Cryotherapy in Ophthalmology
Systemic Ophthalmology
Community Ophthalmology
Clinical Methods in Ophthalmology
Clinical Ophthalmic Cases
Darkroom Procedures
Ophthalmic Instruments and Operative Ophthalmology

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Comprehensive Ophthalmology by A.K. Khurana 6th Edition

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