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Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery, 27th Edition

Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery

Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery : Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery 27th edition is the world proficiently-known textbook of surgery. Its definite coverage includes the scientific basis of surgical practice, psychiatry, diagnosis, & pre-operative care. Its reputation for unambiguous advice makes it the first lessening of mention for students & practising surgeons worldwide. When Hamilton Bailey and McNeil Love published the first edition of their acclaimed textbook in 1932 the surgical world was a totally swing place to that of today. There were no antibiotics, no joint replacement, no discharge commitment into- heart surgery, no transplantation and many accessory proceedings that we now understand for arranged had conveniently not been invented.

Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery

Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery

Medicine and surgery never stand still. Surgeons at all times vacillate to innovate therefore that they can speak to conditions and diseases in the forward thought to be on peak of concur. They do this to the side of a background of additional discoveries in both the living thing and biological sciences. Such breakthroughs make some surgical proceedings redundant, but others liven up choice approaches. This is seen in all specialties and as a consequences it is important for textbooks not without help to save pace when adding developments but in addition to to ensure that a balanced view is taken of their area in the therapeutic armamentarium. In developing the 27th edition of this much-loved textbook, we have striven to save this in the forefront of our minds and those of our contributors. Nevertheless, in totaling going on to gone the area of press in the future, it is important not to throw the baby out following the bathwater. We have so ensured that the basic tenets of surgical practice that have stood the test of period remain where invade.

Key Features :

  • This book simply smacks of class
  • This is a powerful heavyweight textbook that seems to cover most surgical specialties and is sufficient for a global audience.
  • its adorable luck make laugh is widespread throughout various sectors of the medical and surgical community.
  • It is moreover very useful for the undergraduate or postgraduate medic no event where you are in the world.
  • It is therefore a very indispensable resource for students, residents, and surgeons

Table of Contents :

PART ONE: BASIC PRINCIPLES: The Science of Surgery
Metabolic response to injury
Kenneth Fearon
Shock and blood transfusion
Karim Brohi
Wounds, healing, tissue repair
Michael Earley
Tissue engineering and regeneration
Andrew McCaskie & Andrew Bradley
Surgical infection
Peter Lamont
Tropical infections and infestations
Pradip Datta, Pawanindra Lal & Sanjay De Bakshi
Basic surgical skills and anastomoses
Mark Coleman
Principles of laparoscopic and robotic surgery
Hutan Ashrafian, Sanjay Purkayastha & Ara Darzi
Principles of paediatric surgery
Tony Lander
Principles of oncology
Robert JC Steele & Alastair J Munro
Surgical audit
Jonothan Earnshaw & Birgit Whitman
Surgical ethics and law
Robert Wheeler
Patient safety and human factors and quality improvement
Frank Keane & Ken Mealy

Diagnostic imaging
Matthew Matson, Muaaze Ahmad & Niall Power
Gastrointestinal endoscopy
James Lindsay & Philip Woodland
Tissue and Molecular diagnosis
Roger Feakins

Pre-operative preparation and treatment of the High-Risk Surgical Patient
Medha Vanarese, Pierre Foex & Anand Sardesai
Anaesthesia and pain relief
Vivek Mehta & Serene Chang
Nutrition and fluid therapy
John MacFie
Postoperative care
Anand Sardesai & Fay Gilder
Day case surgery
Douglas McWhinnie & Ian Jackson

Introduction to trauma
Bob Handley & Peter Giannoudis
Early assessment and management of trauma
Chris Moran & Dan Deakin
Traumatic Brain Injury
Harry Bulstrode & Tony Belli
Neck and spine
John Crawford & Douglas Hay
Maxillofacial trauma
David Koppel
Torso trauma
Ken Boffard & Elias Degiannis
Extremity trauma
Lee Van Rensburg
Disaster surgery
Mamoon Rashid
Conflict Surgery
Jonathan Clasper and Phill Pearce

History taking and clinical examination in musculoskeletal disease
Stephen McDonnell & Hemant G. Pandit
Sports medicine and sports injuries
Gina Allen
The spine
Brian Freeman & Chris Lavy
Upper limb
David Limb & Sam Vollans
Hip and knee
Vikas Khanduja & Wasim Khan
Foot and ankle
Bob Sharpe
Musculoskeletal tumours
Paul Cool & Craig Gerrand
Infection of the bones and joints
Martin McNally & Philippa Matthews
Paediatric orthopaedics
Deborah Eastwood
Skin and subcutaneous tissue
Christopher Chan & Adam Greenbaum
Michael Tyler & Sudip Ghosh
Plastic and reconstructive surgery
Tim Goodacre

Cranial Neurosurgery
Harry Bulstrode & Liam Gray
The eye and orbit
Keith Martin
Cleft lip and palate: developmental abnormalities of the face, mouth and jaws
David Koppel
The ear, nose and sinuses
Iain J. Nixon, Iain Hathorn & Alex Bennett
Pharynx, larynx and neck
Terry M. Jone
Oral Cavity Cancer
Andrew Schache
Disorders of the salivary glands
Mark McGurk & Leandros Vassiliou

The thyroid glands
Iain J. Nixon & Richard Adamson
The parathyroid glands
Ruth Prichard
The adrenal glands and other abdominal endocrine disorders
Tom W.J. Lennard
The breast
Richard C. Sainsbury
Cardiac surgery
Jonathan R. Anderson & Mustafa Zakkar
The thorax
Carol Tan & Ian Hunt

Arterial disorders
Robert Sayers & Robert Davies
Venous disorders
Ian Chetter & Daniel Carradice
Lymphatic disorders
Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam, Gnaneswar Atturu & David Russell

History and examination of the abdomen
Ronan O’Connell
Abdominal wall, hernia and umbilicus
Bruce Tulloh & Stephen J Nixon
The peritoneum, omentum, mesentery and retroperitoneal space
Charles Knowles
The oesophagus
Derek Alderson
Stomach and duodenum
Timothy Underwood & John N Primrose
Bariatric surgery
Richard Welbourn
The liver
Graeme Poston & Rob Jones
The spleen
O. James Garden
The gall bladder and bile ducts
Kevin Conlon
The pancreas
Satyajit Bhattacharya
The small intestines
Gordon Carlson & Matt Soop
The large intestines
Gordon Carlson & Jonathan Epstein
Intestinal obstruction
Jim Hill
The vermiform appendix
Jurgen Mulsow
The rectum
David Jayne & Hiba Fatayer
The anus and anal canal
Karen Nugent

Urinary symptoms and investigations
Kilian Mellon
The kidney and ureters
Kilian Mellon
The urinary bladder
Freddie Hamdy
The prostate and seminal vesicles
David E. Neal & Greg Shaw
Urethra and penis
Ian Eardley
Testis and scrotum
Ian Eardley
Monica Mittal, Prasanna Raj Supramaniam, & Christian Malti Becker

J. Andrew Bradley
Appendix 1: Common Instruments used in general surgery
Pradip K. Datta
Appendix 2: Basic Aspects in Theatre Design and Sterilisation

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Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery

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