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Average salary of a doctor in India – Recent Study

salary of a doctor in india

Some killer facts about salary of a Indian Doctors, how much the doctors earn in India. Doctors are the most respected persons in a society. These noble persons are regarded as “The living God”.  They are some most paid professionals with high salary compared to other professionals. Salary of doctor in India or monthly income varies from Rs.30,000 to Rs.50 lakhs per month. There are doctors with highest tax payers to poor doctors supported by parents for a living. So, there are no fixed salary for a medical professional in India.  These are some general queries about salary of doctor in India often asked by general people to growing baby doctors. Here everything will be discussed about salary of doctors in India. Definitely as a developing country with low GDP, PPP Indian Doctors get low salary compared to USA medical professionals. Salary of doctor in India varies depending upon several factors like Country, Place of work, Type of Specialization, Type of sector – government or private , Skills of the doctor , Experience, Strategies with Personal setup and others.

Some facts about salary of doctor in india –

  1. There are only one doctor present for serving One thousand five hundred people.
  2. 48,180 hours are needed to be a doctor to earn 48K per month.
  3. A Intern can work continuously for 68hours.
  4. A MBBS doctor works 18hrs a day.
  5. The highest paid interns earn 50 paisa per second that is 30 Rupees a hour.
  6. If a doctor start a nursing home he can buy a new BMW every month.
  7. Government spent 24 lakhs to produce one MBBS doctor.
  8. Sometime, A medical seat in private medical college costs 5 cr.

Here I will mainly discuss about the salary of doctor in India with several dependencies.

Time table for a doctor to earn 60K+ in a month – A doctor who has spent 5.5 years for a MBBS degree. If he is too lucky, hardworking and brilliant and passes the Postgraduate entrance in one attempt then he has to give 3 years for MD and let us assume 5 years for experience. So, he has to give 13.5 years of life to earn 60,000 rupees per month – salary of doctor in India who has passed MD.

MBBS Course – 4.5 years.

Internship – 1 year.

MD – 3 years.

Experience – 5 years.

Total – 13.5 years

Number of doctors present in India – Number of doctors present in India are very low compared to other countries like it’s neighbor China. There are 1.9 doctors present for 1000 Chinese but for India it is 0.7 doctors for one thousand people of India. It means there are 7 doctors for 10000 Indians. So, statistics said that 1450 Indians are dependent on one doctor. It is clear picture of India’s poor health service. If you consider United Kingdom and United States the ratio of Doctor and Patient is quite high compared to India. Spain has an absolutely high Doctor to Patient Ratio. DP ratio of Spain is 4.9. Spain has one doctor serving 200 citizens of the country.

Doctor and Patient Ratio in different parts of the world:

Country: India

Doctor : Patient Ratio = 0.7

Patient dependent on One Doctor = 1450

Country: China

Doctor : Patient Ratio = 1.88

Patient dependent on One Doctor = 550

Country: United State

Doctor : Patient Ratio = 2.52

Patient dependent on One Doctor = 400

Country: United Kingdom

Doctor: Patient Ratio = 2.92

Patient dependent on One Doctor = 350

Country: Spain

Doctor: Patient Ratio = 4.87

Patient dependent on One Doctor = 200


Salary of intern doctors in different states of India

Assam – ₹14,000 per month

Andhra Pradesh – ₹10,000 per month

Bihar – ₹14,000 per month

Bengal – ₹18,000 per month

Chhattisgarh – ₹10,000 per month

Delhi – ₹15,000 per month

Gujrat – ₹9,500 per month

Himachal Pradesh – ₹12,000 per month

Jammu – ₹7,000 per month

Karnataka – ₹ 22,000 per month

Maharashtra – ₹8,500 per month

Madhya Pradesh – ₹8,000 per month

Orissa – ₹15,500 per month

Punjab – ₹10,000 per month

Rajasthan – ₹7,000 per month

Tripura – ₹10,500 per month

Uttar Pradesh – ₹9,500 per month


Post MBBS- Rs. 10,000 to 40,000/month (5.5 years of training)

Post MD/MS – Rs. 30,000 to 2,00,000/ month ( 9-12years of training)

Post DM/Mch/Fellowship – Rs. 50,000 to 3,00,000/month. (12-15 years of training)


Radiologists 1.5 -3.5 lakhs.

Gynecologist 1 – 2.5 lakhs

Pediatrician 1 – 2  lakhs

Orthopaedician 1 – 2 lakhs

Orthopaedician  surgeon– 1.5 to 26 lakhs

Anesthesia 1 – 2 lakhs

General Physician 1 – 2  lakhs

General Surgery  1 – 1.75 lakhs

Ophthalmologist – 80k – 1.75 lakhs

Pathologist doctor – 9.0 to 10.0 lakhs

Dermatologist doctor – 9.0 to 10.0 lakhs

Microbiologist doctor – 4.0 to 5.0 lakhs



Cardiology 3.5 – 7 lakhs / month

Neurology 2.5 – 6.5 lakhs / month

Urology 1.7 – 5.5 lakhs / month


Related Posts:

  1. Physiotherapist doctor surgeon fresher salary – 1.5 to 5 lakhs
  2. Staff Nurse fresher salary – 1.0 to 5 lakhs
  3. Pharmacist fresher salary – 1.5 to 7.00 lakh
  4. Dentist doctor fresher salary – 1.5 to 18.00 lakh
  5. Biomedical Engineer fresher salary – 1.0 to 5.00 lakh
  6. Medical Transcriptionist fresher salary – 1.0 to 2.0 lakhs
  7. Medical Coder fresher salary – 1.0 to 2.0 lakhs
  8. Medical Writer fresher salary – 1.0 to 2.0 lakhs
  9. Accounts Receivable Analyst fresher salary – 1.0 to 2.0 lakhs
  10. Medical Biller fresher salary – 1.0 to 1.5 lakhs


Strategies with personal setup:

The following strategies can make a doctor earn money quickly and effieciently.

Private Practice – Private practicing is the way most of the doctors earn a lot.

Commission from pharmacy and labs – Doctors earn by getting commission from different pharmacy and laboratory.

Investment – If you invest some penny in your business you are the winner.

Private setup – Setting up a private nursing home gives you the choice to have a new car every 3 weeks.

Marketing skills – Your marketing skill will help you make a comfortable zone to have good no of customer.

Professional skill – Finally your professional skill is the thing you can really sell to earn a lot of money



Eye Surgeon: 15,000-30,000 Yuan a month.

Heart Surgeon: (Cardiology): 20,000 to 50,000 Yuan a month.

Regular Doctor: At least 5,000 Yuan a month.

Other Doctor Professions: 5,000 to 10,000 Yuan a month


Story of poor doctors:

The story of Hemang Sanghvi, a gold medallist plastic surgeon of Bangalore Medical College is demoralizing for the society of baby doctors and aspirants. The doctor has to work for 18 hours a day to get a salary of 30,000 per month. He is unable to afford a home and the institution has not provided a house for him. He has to live in the Men boy’s hostel of the Medical College. This is same story of 300 other doctors.


10 thoughts on “Average salary of a doctor in India – Recent Study”

  1. Not good and now the salary of the doctors are also increased and in odisha the stipend for intern is don’t put the wrong things

    1. 20000 after completing MBBS + 1 year rural is enough? In IT industry at the age of 25 you get salaries of 40 to 50K per month. Do you know how much intern has to work in a day, he is on his toes for 10 to 14 hrs. Doctors deserve much more.

    2. Other jobs are getting far more salary. 13.5 years is after entering MBBS. But by the time you get into MBBS you would have sacrificed your childhood and adolescent phase while others were enjoying. Unskilled labor force are making more money.
      The risk of depression, substance abuse and suicides are more in this field.
      If all this is not enough you have to behave like a god to your patients even if they are chasing you and want to beat you up. Then There are ethics, moral code and litigations which no other jobs have. And nobody objects to it.
      It’s foolish to enter this field even if you are given a medical and a PG seat on a platter.

    3. Have you seen IT professionals, judges, advocates doing rural service. And the penalty for not doing rural service is huge. It’s one of the best places to get beaten up by a mob.

    4. What if an intern gets 20,000 bucks? He will be the lone fellow in the hospital with an agitated mob to face. The govt. is actually saving the money by putting the entire work load on him.
      And their family lives are almost always on the rocks. Almost non-existent.

    5. It’s a highly skill job and vary earning with individual capability. Barely taking degree is not enough! More and more time with patients help to increase personal experience and should be treated as capital investment during internships for future earnings.

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