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|| Vaidyo

narayano hari ||

As goes by the Hindu mythology, a doctor is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, savior of the

World. Thus given the highest respect and honor in the society.

The happiness in the gratitude shown by the patient is no less than that of heaven. For a small task done the knowledge which is obtained in the same age of schooling adds an added advantage to technical students, the health sector people have a lot of unfair advantage. Some say they have absorbed all the bitterness in life during the late teens and early 20’s but I don’t agree. If passionate enough though practically challenging all the pains could be simply hidden behind a great smile before the gratitude of the patient and their family.

Definitely people like saint Mother Teresa come only once in an era and it’s highly impossible to completely mimic her. In the present day scenarios, a few private clinicians have started wearing the mask of this holy profession, but unable to curb the greedy demons inside from being exhibited out. In this battle among themselves as a holy professional and desire of an exclusively luxurious life, they are forgetting the Hippocrates oath of grad walk which could be witnessed by inhumanly practice like money first treatment next as a result of which there is a loss of respect and gratitude towards a doctor. No matter money is the fuel of today’s world but we as professionals are the only one to be paid and respected both exclusively from a single person so does money weighs more than the next. Thus it’s just not our duty but even responsibility and also a humanitarian act to let this noble profession be ranked highest and even avail the medical facilities to each room and corner of this world. As gifted humans, we must take an interest not just to work but even manipulate the existing technology in order to provide better services even in once absence. Sometimes health care professionals apply their own version of Newton’s first law ” a doctor remains in a state of ignorance and doesn’t update himself until an external force is applied ” ,and this external force is generally money from the other perspective it is very difficult to teach a set of people living in beautifully built ego palaces to convince their old protocols being followed from long time need an update, since they find it comfortable with the existing methods and ideology . Apart from these issues on the other side of wall accessibility to hard to reach areas, India is having the majority of the hospitals situated in urban areas and a few in suburban, but unfortunately, it is the rural sector which exhibits a greater needs for health care facilities. In rural areas most of the times it’s the rural medical practitioner or the pharmacist who take the act of doctor. No added economical advantages given to the doctor’s as discouraged many to settle in rural areas despite the need to do so. Our deep-rooted bias of sex, caste, and gender fed by several political and superstitious people, and this bias has its own place in India prevent the precision and quality of treatment from reaching people of all diversities and labeling them as underprivileged.

In order to curb the greedy few and re-establish the respect for the profession as a whole, there is an immediate need for some revolutionary change to be taken over.

Coming to me as a son of an engineer coming from a remote village with limited resources who dreamt of a primary health care center in his village after hearing the word “I won’t be coming to that village as it lacked roads sanitation and people over there are poor” when consulted to save a person in . This small incident had a major impact in my life and my vision towards health and ways to avail them to everyone to a different path altogether. I as student of Vishnu dental college an upcoming dental fraternity which recently underwent stereotypical changes in the dental college standards with an entire change in its infrastructures, an unusual move generally for such colleges, has introduced digitalized case records for patients with several options of updating every record of him in it along with the prescription so there could a strong record of his data followed with hassle-free paperwork and record maintenance . Thus availing all the information of the patient without any manipulations and even in the absence of patient. It was my privilege to see some new technology which none of my pals from various colleges could experience. My past experiences and the newer technology woke the curious kid hidden somewhere in me started to search for ways to link technology and medicine. It was then for the first time in my 4th year BDS I got to know regarding the various software technologies available in the world of medicine slowly browsing through net I got to know several technological advancements and it was then I started searching for things and early this year I got to know regarding the bots which have been using ai to book appointment (google conclave 2018) and do few of our routine daily chores less stressful. my lazy mind dreamt of things by which the ai could take an accurate case history which could have an added feature as recording the patient’s chief complaint in their own voice so that confusions can be avoided among clinicians and can also be used in case of medical-legal cases this could even save time especially during peak clinical hours. Many times it also came to my mind to add the knowledge and experience of physicians with the energy of a fresh graduate to treat a condition. I used to feel if we could really feed the computer with appropriate programs of different clinical scenarios and train it through several clinical photographs and radiographs for providing a provisional and differential diagnosis by analysing and scrutinizing the conditions using the symptoms and clinical photographs and radiographs thus allowing us to directly involve in final diagnosis and treatment planning. As a human its never possible to remember, recollect, correlate to produce several differential diagnoses, moreover the correlation of all symptoms need a lot of knowledge and experience which is quite challenging for a single person. several problems could be avoided if a properly programmed computer could be operating over a patient. evolution and upgradation is a common phenomenon of technology. A day not too far from today using this ai and machine learning technologies we allow us to connect ourselves with doctors universally, check for various treatment plans, feasible costs and if the technological advancements grow than my dream of a practitioner operating from his place to the remotest region harnessing the required equipment (medical robots operate from surgeons console) and carry on his surgery using robots controlled electronically through internet or any other data transfer means. even rare diseases could be diagnosed through the correlation from symptoms as its unimaginable to human mind due to lack of daily practice on rare cases and its the tendency of the brain to forget the ones which aren’t regularly recollected. ( use-disuse theory)

Not only for saving patients from being exploited it even increases the

comfort of doctors by reducing several stressful jobs of diagnosing critical cases and consultancies journey, it would be available round the clock unlike the time-starved human mind and body, though it could be a platform for doctors whole over world to take part upon treatment on several patients throughout the globe at the same time, as simple commands to the robots could finish the task. As like ever new technology a period Of acknowledgeable progress cannot be made unless apprehensions such as overestimations of a particular condition and treating an apprehensive patient. Apart from this the practitioner is to be taught regarding the adoption of machine learning and aI in the medical field.

Even ai needs to be developed a lot in order to aromatize with the medical fields lifestyle, which exhibits the major difference between theoretical knowledge and practical reality. It has a lot to learn from several doctors and there countless cases and their experiences and as ai could analyze mammoth data in no time it wouldn’t take much time and be possible to work upon it and build a super doctor which a lot of experiences and analysis power of all the doctors from all parts of the world in order to serve mankind better in technically less time and more efficiently than a human. While the early stages of development scientists need to be very careful regarding the efficiency of it in emergency, life and death situations as its an inanimate thing any failure of it in early stages would leave an unerasable mark on peoples minds regarding the technology and may even lead to the death of the new technology and it make take a lot of time to prove it right and its penetrating levels into society could be hindered.

In this world, medical care should become a basic need and it should be

accessible to every individual beyond all sorts of diversities. It’s not just advancements in the field of medicine even engineering advancements of communication and information technology could increase accessibility to this technically progressing medical field to the doorsteps of everyone. Seeing the present day trends it could be ai and machine learning which if programmed effectively and constantly updated to a world-class level would be using several communication tools coupled with the best diagnostics methods and sophisticated procedures could bring down disease rates and increase accessibility. This could bring a great change in peoples lives. I think no patient would feel sad for being treated for free.

so in order to control the emotionally and mentally unstable human mind which flutters behind greed and comforts more reliable greed proof, cumulative knowledge and experience through a non living computer could be a game-changing weapon and a missile in the field of medicine I remember Swami Vivekananda’s words “give me a hundred youth so that I will make a strong nation” I guess he studied human incognito mind far ago and expected today’s world long back. similarly right now if we could get a few exceptionally good software designers coupled with the rarest breeds of the most talented and greed-free doctors of several specializations we could make this whole medical facility available to the remotest of the country’s throughout the world and make them available as Coin boxes for telephone which was present down the line 10 year’s from now and eventually it would automatically take the transfer orders to the pockets of their customers. no doubt!!!

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