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Adverse Drug Reaction

In the jungle of human lives
Lived a cunning fox called Mr. Clive.
On a fine February morning he developed a cough.
He did not bother much, the day went rough.
In the evening, when his throat hurt bad.
He didn’t go to the doctor, he thought they were all mad!
Why should I pay Mr. Owl the wise?
For treating an ailment so small in size?
Mr. Clive thought of himself as very smart.
Cunning, though he was, he didn’t know pharmacology was an art.
Like paint, often two drugs mix and create a big bang!
The result is not what we expect ; adverse effects boomerang!
Adverse effects of drugs was something he didn’t know about.
He had a habit of taking OTC pills, he didn’t consult a doctor…Even when in doubt!
Our poor Mr. Clive now suffered from the ill effects of codeine.
He hadn’t had such a terrible cough before , so he drank the entire phial..But in vain!
For in a few minutes he felt light headed and dizzy,
He was wrong about self medication; it wasn’t so easy breezy!
Mr. Rat , like Mr. Fox, thought of himself as very clever.
Overdosed himself with Barbiturates & slept forever.
Mr. Lion was too proud to admit his error.
Took two pills that shouldn’t ever be taken together!
Developed rashes and started itching his mane.
Mr. Owl came to his rescue; gave him the right medicines through his vein.
Some drugs might be safe, but most drugs are not.
Don’t pop them in without giving a second thought!
Ill effects range from mild to severe.
You might lose your life; please be careful dear!
This is something essential for everyone to ponder.
Keep our words in mind ; sorry if we seem to maunder.

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